Astrolis Horoscopes


  • Free predictions for each zodiac
  • Free Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly General horoscopes
  • Free Love compatibility
  • Free Love, Money & Career readings.
  • Free General Tarot card reading
  • Ask a Psychic a question


The set up process for Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot was simple, and I was given a choice of icons to represent my zodiac sign. Whilst this at first seemed cute, it made no actual difference to the readings other than aesthetics.

On the topic of aesthetics, I feel that the App could really improve on how it visually appears, everything seems a little dated (think social media circa 2007). Whilst this doesn’t affect the content itself, it is something to consider if you like your Apps to have a fresh and modern feel, as I do.

I enjoyed the FREE Daily, Weekly and Yearly readings as well as the FREE Love, Money and Career ones too. Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot have an added reading called ‘chatty’ readings. This is where you are told about how to communicate with others’ for that day, which was always spot on for me. However, I have no idea who wrote the content, and I wonder if it was all a bit samey and generic.

That being said this ‘chatty reading’ could have been something that was incorporated into the General Daily reading rather than having it separately. The content is so spread out across the App, that it almost appears ‘hidden’. The FREE Tarot is just for General (not Love and Money like my top pick) though the chat to a Psychic options are a great asset to the App.

My final thoughts are; if you do like to spend a lot of time sifting through for information, you may well enjoy this. But personally, I prefer quick, snappy and immediate when it comes to Apps and this fell over on that front.

Horoscope written content rating 4/10

Although the content for my daily, weekly and yearly horoscopes resonated with aspects of my life, I felt little connection with the writer of the app. Everything seemed a little too generic, which made me feel as though I couldn’t connect, or rely on everything that was said.

Name: Astrolis Horoscopes & Tarot