Astrology and Horoscope


  • Free astrological Particulars – Avakahra Chakra, Ghat Chakra and Geographical details
  • Free planetary Positions Houses
  • Free aspects between Planets to Planets.
  • Free Shodash Varga Kundali – all 16 charts


Astrology and Horoscope is an App based on Indian/Vedic/Hindu Astrology which is always something that intrigues me. In saying this, I do like having both sets of astrology usually to compare my charts. As someone who is getting more interested in Vedic astrology, it was not the most user friendly app to navigate. But there is a lot of FREE content to get stuck into which was great, even though this took me a while to get used too.

One major flaw was that the App told me I was Scorpio sign and my Moon is Taurus which Vedic is based upon, even though I am actually a Sagittarius (yes the right dates were entered). This is too big a mistake to see past, as none of my charts made sense to me, until I finally realized why.

My final thoughts are, if you love Vedic astrology (and if that major flaw was fixed) you may like this App. However, there are other Apps (for example my top pick) which offer Vedic Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly horoscopes which I found a lot more coherent to use, and more importantly, accurate to my birth date!

Horoscope written content rating 1/10

Aside from the fact that much of the content didn’t relate to me personally (due to date mix ups within the App) I also has issues understanding some content as it felt a bit ‘mismatched’. In other words I did not feel as though I was connecting to a real person behind the text.

Name: Astrology and Horoscope