AstroSage Kundli


  • Free Vedic Astrology – Traditional Features
  • Free Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly horoscopes,
  • Free download PDF to Print Kundli chart
  • Free Moon sign horoscopes – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly horoscope
  • Free Love, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly horoscope.


I was so excited to use this App, as it stated it had some really comprehensive and full content based on Vedic astrology (which you by now know, I really am opening up to). You do receive your FREE Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly, General Vedic horoscopes and well as your FREE Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Moon, and Love horoscopes.

There is an option to save past reports, but every time I tried to read past reports the App threw me off and crashed my phone. There were also problems with my chart (receiving the wrong zodiac signs). Unfortunately I could not get to enjoy any of the content for this App, as the actual software did not launch properly. When I did finally get into the App, after three sentences in, I would be thrown off again.

This is really disappointing, because the content looks cool, but cannot be enjoyed due to some massive tech issues, which were not only limited to my device.

My final thoughts are; that there seems to be interesting content on the App, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to view any of it for more than a few seconds before getting thrown off.

Horoscope written content rating 1/10

It is difficult for me to rate the actual horoscope content for this App, as a few words into each sentence I would be thrown off. For this reason, unfortunately AstroSage Kundli scores low on my horoscope content enjoyment score.

Name: AstroSage Kundli