Chaturanga Astrology


  • Personal Horoscope
  • Compatibility Reading
  • General Chat with an astrologer.


I was excited to use Chaturanga Astrology, as I had read a great description on the App store for this program. You can reach out to astrologers to answer questions you have about your general life, or even specific questions.

I expected there to be some free content with this App as an added facility, but although the App itself is a free download, any information after this is a paid service.

You do receive one free question, which you are told you will be notified of within 24 hours. This was delivered on time and I enjoyed my free mini reading.

In theory this App could be a great hub and a wonderful way for people to reach out to professional astrologers. However, compared to other Apps (which also offer a chat facility as a paid service) Chaturanga Astrology offers nothing more, to keep you inside the App itself.

If you are looking to reach out for a bespoke personal horoscope, then a Chaturanga can offer you this paid service. However, you won’t be able to do anything within the App itself after that service is complete.

Horoscope written content rating 2/10

Whilst I say in my review that I enjoyed the free mini reading this app offers as a taster, the 7 lines of text I received was VERY generic and I didn’t feel as though it was personal to me, even though this is what the App prides itself upon.

Name: Chaturanga Astrology