Daily Horoscope


  • Free Daily, Monthly and Yearly General Zodiac Horoscopes
  • Free Zodiac sign compatibility
  • Free Druid Horoscope
  • Custom colours and font size
  • Share and save readings


Daily Horoscope offers FREE Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly horoscopes, as well as your Chinese sign. There is an option to review your past horoscopes. However, there is no option to look forward in time, to the next day or next week. Using Astrology to plan ahead is important for me, so it is a shame that the App doesn’t deliver this.

I really enjoyed the facility to check your FREE compatibility with other signs to see the matching for either romantic or working relationships. But not there are no Love Stars to back this up.

Daily Horoscope offers you your Druid sign (which is the tree you were born under according to the Druid system). According to each tree you receive your personality trait, but that is as far as this takes you. Whilst this is unique touch to the App, I haven’t been able to see how I would use that facility more than once. So this is really a novel, rather than practical feature.

You can customize text size and colour for the App, which may be useful to users who prefer bigger text. However, I felt as though if the text was bigger to begin with (as it was small), there would be no need to make adjustments.

Overall, I enjoyed this App, but more facilities would improve the user’s experience and for an app that has so many followers it was far more limited than I expected.

Horoscope written content rating. 6/10

The language used and the explanations for the daily, weekly & yearly horoscopes was easy to follow and understand. However the inability to plan forwards in time meant that this App lacks the full content it could have, and I am unsure of the reasons for this.

Name: Daily Horoscope
URL: comitic.com/dailyhoroscope