Horoscope Ace


  • From leading Astrologer Patrick Arundell who has 20 Million Views on YouTube…
  • Free Forecasts for Sun, Moon and Ascendant Zodiac Signs
  • Free VIDEO Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Horoscopes
  • Free GENERAL Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly written Horoscopes
  • Free LOVE Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly written Horoscopes
  • Free CHINESE Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly written Horoscopes
  • Free Indian/Vedic Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly written Horoscopes
  • Free Love, General and Money Three Card Tarot Readings
  • Free Natal Birth Chart
  • Free Personal Horoscope Forecast Reports
  • Live 1 to 1 Readings with Astrologers and Spiritual Advisers


Horoscope Ace is a unique App in terms of the range of great free content it offers. It really is incredibly comprehensive. The Horoscope Ace App gives you your FREE Birth Chart as well as your FREE Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly written General forecasts. Not only this but is has your Love, Indian/Vedic and Chinese Daily, Weekly, Monthly Horoscopes too, which I found really interesting and different.

I also loved the FREE Love, Money and General Three Card Tarot Readings which seemed sincerely written, and very thoughtful. One of the most brilliant aspects to this App, is that you can watch your FREE Weekly, Monthly and Yearly Video Horoscopes by the App’s creator within the interface itself.

I was also intrigued to discover within my FREE Birth Chart my Ascendant and Moon signs, or that I could get a FREE Personal Horoscope Forecast. There are also LIVE Astrologers and Spiritual Consultants to connect with, 24/7 Worldwide, which I I thought was another really cool feature. All in all, of all the FREE Horoscope Apps I reviewed this one was the most jammed pack with amazing content and features, and is very easy to use, with some seriously snazzy graphics.

Name: The Horoscope Ace
URL: www.horoscope-ace.com