My Horoscope


  • Free predictions for each zodiac
  • Free 7 day General Horoscope
  • Multi Language settings facility


When I first used this App I found it difficult to navigate. There were option settings for 24 different languages! This may be useful if you are not an English speaker as I am myself, but in honesty I found this confusing to be faced with as went through my initial set up process. After all, if you are from a country, why would it be a help to have all those other languages? So this seemed unnecessary.

My horoscope gave me my FREE Weekly forecast for the three Decanates (each sign of the zodiac is split into three divisions based on the degree you were born under).

This may be of real value to the experienced user of astrology but if you are new to subject this app could, in fact, cause quite the headache, as there is no facility within the App to save or even discover your personal Decan. If you can get passed the language and Decan settings, there really is so much value to this App in terms of its content.

My final thoughts for My Horoscope, is that there is good content for your sign, split into bite size themes, which are easy to digest and understand. However, you are going to have to jump through a ‘few hoops’ before you can get to it.

Horoscope written content rating 7/10

There were many issues to the use of this App, but the written seven day horoscope content felt honest and connected to a real person. There was a lot of content to find, but once I made sense of the App, the written horoscopes were thoughtful and well put across.

Name: My Horoscope