Personalized Astrology


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The features on this App, promise to deliver a personalised horoscope report tailored specifically to your personal chart. You receive your FREE daily horoscope and FREE birth chart based on the specific dates and times that you load into the App.

I particularly enjoyed the biorhythm calculator within the App, as this was a new find for me. The calculator takes your birth date and creates a FREE biorhythm chart for you to view. It gives you specific times that you should and perhaps shouldn’t take action in love or career, or even the best time in the month for spiritual advancement.

I had many problems signing into the App however, and logging in with each use of the App did feel time consuming. Some written language within the App was also unavailable in English which is my first language, and so I missed out on some content.

My closing thoughts on this App is the biorhythm is a cool feature, but you may have to sign in with multiple emails each time which for an App is not so great, it also failed to recognize my password multiple times, which is a huge problem in my view from an App users perspective.

Horoscope written content rating 2/10

The written content for my daily horoscopes was not coherent enough for me to sometimes even understand, and I had to read through a few times to soak in the information. Some of the content within this App was not English, my first language so that was also an issue for me.

Name: Personalized Astrology